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your Tri Nature distributor :: Bathroom :: Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner
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your Tri Nature distributor :: Bathroom :: Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner

Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner #7
Hyaline Glass & Window Cleaner 

A powerful, natural based solvent cleaner, that creates a crystal clear sparkle, inhibits misting and fogging, reduces finger marking and re-soiling.

Based on natural solvents from sugar cane, Hyaline contains surfactants sourced from natural and renewable vegetable resources.

R esidues, gums, dust and road grime are all removed with ease and all treated surfaces are left with a unique polished effect.


Environmental and Ethical Considerations

Hyaline contains no ammonia or ammonium compounds. The solvents used are sourced from natural and renewable vegetable resources.

Contains no animal soaps or any by-products of any ingredients that has required animal testing.


Directions for use:

Dilute with equal parts water in polysprayer for windows and glass.

Spray over surface area with a clean, lint free cloth. Buff to a crystal clear finish with a separate cloth.

For sponge or squeegee applications, dilute with 20-40 parts water.

For motor vehicle reservoirs, add 6mL per 1L water.

As spectacle cleaner - dilute with 3 parts water.



Ethyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate, Hexylene glycol, Silicon Surfactant, Methyl Methoxy Butanol, Food grade colouring.


Weight0.00 kg
Price: $AUD19.95

Glass Cleaner

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