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your Tri Nature distributor :: Become a Distributor :: FAQ - Becoming a distributor
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your Tri Nature distributor :: Become a Distributor :: FAQ - Becoming a distributor

FAQ - Becoming a distributor #SKU658
FAQ - Becoming a distributor  What is the initial outlay?

The initial outlay required to become a distributor is $110 - for this outlay you purchase 1 (your choice) of the Fabulous joining packs. All joining packs represent excellent value, as they include products for you to try, use as samples or sell.
Your first year's annual registration ($27.50) is also covered in the cost of your joining pack.
Add an additional $150Nett or more order and receive it free of freight charges.

What is involved?

Tri Nature is a Multi Level Marketed company, distributors are able to buy for personal use and for that of family and friends or choose to really promote the products and earn additional income. As a distributor you can sell product to your family and friends at retail or wholesale - the choice is yours.
Your effort determines your income (as with any business) and assistance is there for those that wish to pursue all that MLM business has to offer. You'll receive no pressures from 'upline' (me or anyone else) however I would be here to help you when and if required.

How do you assist distributors re online shopping capabilities?

I have been a distributor for Tri Nature for over 22 years (here on the Gold Coast) and established my retail e-store to make these wonderful products available to Internet shoppers around Australia.
You are most certainly welcome to do a similar type of business. I can now assist with Domain Name and hosting if required.

What is the price discount system for distributors?

You buy all your product at 15% off RRP for all Tri Nature products and 20 - 25% off RRP for all the KYPHI aromatherapy and skin care range.
Your discount increases as your monthly order volume increases - All additional discounts and bonuses are payable with your Monthly Earnings Commission paid monthly in arrears.

When your order/s in the month exceed $200 Nett you would qualify for an additional discount of 5% - bringing your total discount to 20/30% off RRP
When your order/s in the month exceed $300 Nett you would qualify for an additional discount of 10% - bringing your total discount to 25/35% off RRP
All personal orders over $200 attract additional personal sales bonuses, starting at 5% and increasing to 15%.
Further benefits apply as you start sponsoring other members into Tri Nature.

Is there a minimum monthly order required for distributors to maintain their distributor status?

No, You have to place at least one order each year and pay an annual registration of $27.50.

If you are building a business (eg signing on new members), to maintain your distributor level and receive bonuses a minimum order of $300 Nett per month is required.

Although there is no minimum purchase as a distributor to gain maximum discount you are substantially better off ensuring each order placed amounts to $300 Nett or more.

Placing one larger order as opposed to several small orders ie 1 x $450 instead of 3 x $150. As the price paid for the product is equal to an extra 10% on the smaller orders, plus delivery charges ($17) on each order.

Can I get free delivery?

Tri Nature no longer offer distributors free delivery, except for the startup pack with an order.

Through your Tri Nature distributor e-store all orders over $250 (retail) are offered free delivery.

Is there a money-back guarantee for customers?

Yes, I have personally found Tri Nature to be second to none with regard to refunds and replacements for damaged/unsuitable products.

What is the best way to run a Tri Nature business? Eg Party plan, newspaper advertising, word of mouth, other advertising/notices, online shop, etc?

All of the above, what ever suits you and your lifestyle best.

I have simply mentioned to other parents (I have 5 children, so I see a lot of them at schools etc) about how wonderful the products are, given them a trial of 1 or 2 products ... I have built a small but loyal customer base whom regularly ring me with their orders. The Internet has been a great business tool for me since 2003.

What next?

Please email me sharon@trinaturedistributor.com or you are welcome "buy" here - PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE PAYMENT AT THIS TIME - I will send you the appropriate membership forms. :)

Price: $AUD117.00


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